In Afriscopetv community we are able to support community members in the following ways and more!

Periscope support
This will include but is not limited to providing Periscope tips and free resources to get started.
If you’re entirely new to Periscope, we will be happy to coach you through a private Periscope broadcast up to 60 minutes to help you get started***
Live broadcast and replay support; this will include encouragement in form of comments on live broadcast, love in form of periscope hearts on live and replays.

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Periscope collaboration: #ShareTheLove Three times a week (currently Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), Every Afriscopetv members will be invited to sign up to participate in #ShareTheLove and about 5-6 people will be selected on first come basis to be a speaker for the #ShareTheLove event. During this initiative, each participant will be asked to share a 10-minute Periscope broadcast, which is line with the theme of the week. Weekly themes/topics are provided.
Members’ participation on #ShareTheLove are not limited to any certain number. As long as the member want to participate the opportunity is there but again participants are selected on first come first serve basis, therefore it is advisable indicate your interest on time and before all the spots are filled.

Promote Your Biz
Once every week Afriscopetv will do business promotion on periscope. Members are encouraged to showcase their products and services live. Members are allowed to participate in this event to promote their biz as many times as possible throughout the year. That is, there is no restriction on the number of appearances but again; it is based on first come first serve. Therefore members are encouraged to register on time. Promotion of members businesses also happens in the FaceBook group 2 times every week.


New Product Alert
For any member coming out with a new product or service Afriscopetv will promote such product on twitter with 2 tweets a day for 10 days to support the member*** The member will also be give multiple opportunities during Friday promote your biz event to promote such product and/or service.

Product Launch?
Are you launching a product any soon? Remember you cannot do it by yourself. We can certainly help with online promotion via the all powerful
L I V E S T R E A M! Let’s live stream about it***
Get in touch!

Live-streaming SOS?
Do you need help to start live-streaming? Or how to monetize live videos? But you are not a member? Let’s talk ASAP!