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Afriscope TV is the premiere place for entertainment, education, enlightenment and encouragement for people who want to learn about those who proudly profess African roots all around the world. Afriscope TV has proven to be a support to their members on and off Periscope. Starting with their Founder Nkechi Ajaeroh and each member within, this group has developed prime speakers, innovators, entrepreneurs and so much more! You will never regret becoming part of this community.
~Toni Henderson-Mayers

TV Expert, Author & Entrepreneur


Toni Henderson-Mayers

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Afriscopetv is a safe place where Africans, people of African descent and African-Americans meet for support and networking, irrespective of place of resident. I have received tremendous support since joining this community December 2015. I was so excited when Nkechi, the founder of Afriscopetv reached out to me prior to creating this community because I know the potential of what it could be. Today, I marvel at what it has become. It is truly a joy to write this recommendation. If you are looking for a place where you can come and be refreshed, a place to meet like-minded people, or hard working business owners, then here it is. Come in and experience solidarity and support, welcome to Afriscopetv!

~Princess Fumi Hancook


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Afriscopetv Annual Membership ($20.00 Monthly X12) = $240.00

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Afriscopetv Monthly Rate = $24.00

Afriscopetv Stand Alone Service (Tweets; 3 Tweets a day X 10 days) $50.00