We provide online live-stream support for African businesses and individuals.
Leading you by hand to mastery.

Who We Are

Afriscopetv is an international online pan-African community. By Africans we mean anyone who proudly claims and/or identifies with the African roots & heritage, irrespective of the color of skin, nationality or place of residence.

Our Goal
The goal of this community is to promote African businesses and provide a platform for these businesses to thrive online. Let's face it everything is basically online at this time and age. We can’t afford to be behind anymore. We want be a safe heaven for African businesses and individuals that need help with online presence especially with live streaming. We will help you get noticed. We will not rest until you dominate their niche online. We are currently on periscope, Twitter and on Facebook. We are so glad to bring you the beauty of Africa at a glance.

Our Community

We provide a captivating platform that fosters tangible connection and opportunity that is mutually benefitting.